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Biochemic Mineral Salts

The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy, is a scientifically proven, evidence based healing therapy. Facial Diagnostics is used to assist diagnosis by interpreting facial signs often before illness sets in.

The aim of tissue salts is to provide disease prevention and diagnose mineral deficiency for a way to better health. in accordance with the recognized methods of the German School of Facial Diagnostics and prescribing the corresponding mineral cell salts to initiate the body’s natural healing capacity.

 Use Tissue Salts to support your health and well-being, and treat some common health issues to help with:

  • Sleep
  • Building your immunity
  • Cough, colds and flu
  • Skin, hair and teeth
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain and tension

Feel empowered and make a difference to your health.

I have a Diploma in Facial Recognition of Mineral Deficiencies from the Institute of Biochemic Medicine – Asia Pacific. Following an initial analysis, I can advise on the therapeutic use of tissue salts. Allow 30 minutes for your facial diagnosis. The cost is $50, which does not include the supply of mineral supplements.

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