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Lets face it, sugar is tasty….. and it’s everywhere! Hidden in foods whee you may not expect to find it. While it may be hard to avoid completely. if you’re mindful about the amount of sugar you’re eating, your body will thankyou. So here’s 4 signs that you may be eating too much sugar.

1: Your Skin is breaking out more than normal

The journal of the academy of nutrition and dietetics did a study that connects increased consumption of sugar with increased acne.

2: You’re tired after meals.

It’s so easy when you’re on the go to fuel up with the quickest and least healthy options. While eating a meal that’s high in sugar and carbs may give you immediate energy boost you need, you’ll soon be looking for the nearest pillow or pick me up. making sure you consume a balanced meal with protein, carbs and fat will allow your blood sugar to stabilize to prevent those extreme highs and lows.

3: Your workouts are difficult.

When you notice you are struggling to hit your peak performance during your workout, you may want to look at what you are using to fuel your workouts. If it is something high in sugar that will quickly burn off, make sure you adjust it to something balanced in protein and carbs to keep your energy levels regulated, and help you to hit your goals in your daily workout.

4: Your body constantly craves it.

Do you constantly have a sweet tooth that you can’t quite kick? Once your body gets a taste of that donut, chocolate bar, piece of cake, or whatever your preference, it releases dopamine, a chemical primarily associated with feelings of pleasure. Once your body has that reaction, it will continue to crave the same reaction. It’s the same reason for addiction to any drug; and food can be a drug. One that helps or one that harms.

If you are noticing these signs, it may be a good idea to cut back on your sugar intake. Be sure to talk to your doctor and/or a nutritionist to discuss any radical diet changes to make sure you don’t do more harm than good. Even small changes to cut back the amount of sugar in your diet can not only prevent you from packing on a few unwanted kilos, but you’ll also increase your performance at work and in the gym and save you a trip to the doctor.

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